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What Should an Actor Look for in a Talent Agency?

An aspiring actor must be prepared in two ways if he wants to receive a great role: he has to improve his acting talent and he needs great job hunting skills. Doing both of these at the same time while trying to make a living until you start earning money from acting is close to impossible. Because of this, every actor should focus his energy on finding a reliable talent agency that can represent him and find the right acting gigs in his name.


Becoming a successful actor is hard enough, but doing it without the help of a talent agency will diminish everyone's chances even more. Some people say that some characters can only be played by certain actors. If this is true, you might be an exceptional actor who is turned down because the role didn't fit. The only way to overcome this situation is by going to as many auditions as you can and this won't happen if you look for them online or in the newspaper. The right talent agency will have hidden sources that are not available to any actor. They can send you dozens of auditions and the only thing you need to do is pull a great performance. But how can you figure out which agency is the right one?


First, you should take a look at their background. If you see that the agency you are interested in has already worked with famous people, it is a safe bet that they will help you get an acting job too. After that, you should figure out if the agency is well known or not. Those who plan to sign a contract with a famous agent shouldn't worry about getting auditions. Even so, many smaller talent agencies constantly receive auditions from famous studios. If you manage to find out what kind of jobs the agency can offer you, you will be able to figure out if the company is reliable or not. The agency's commission shouldn't be overlooked. No matter how desperate you are, you can't sign a contract with someone who charges more than 20% of your income.


A talent agency should be able to assess your qualities and recommend you every time they find a suitable role. This means that the company should work with a few different studios and that they have to be professionals. If you pick the right one, your job will start resembling the job of an actor and you won't have to worry about not finding the role you want or waiting for weeks for an audition.


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