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The Facts of Child Modeling by Child Actor LA

Child modeling is one of the least understood niches of the modeling industry, so much so that many parents and their children end up wasting their time doing the wrong things to launch their children's careers. Read Child Actor LA scam prevention advice to identify and avoid wrong agency.


Here's what you need to know about this industry.


  • Think baby modeling pays well? Think again. Baby models only get half of what an adult model gets for a modeling job.
  • Location is far more crucial to baby models than it is to adults. If you're not from a major city, or live in a town 50 miles away from a media market city, your chances of finding work for your child model are slim to none.
  • There just aren't that many baby modeling agencies in Pennsylvania, so you might have a hard time finding agencies for your child. Even in entertainment industry hubs like Los Angeles and New York, the number of baby model agencies pales next to adult agencies.
  • Baby models aren't just models. They're called talents, because actual modeling jobs are far and few between, especially in areas not in major cities. For your baby to have a real shot at success in this industry, she's going to have to more than just a pretty face. Children often have to be actors, singers or dancers in order to find steady work.
  • No baby modeling agencies in Pennsylvania want to deal with stage mothers. Don't be all up in their face and coddle your baby or child every minute throughout the shoot. Provide support, but don't be annoying.
  • Children don't necessarily need a portfolio, but a set of two professional quality photographs will go a long way in increasing your child's chances of success. Of course, that means having to pay a professional photographer to take these shots, but think of it as an investment with intangible returns.
  • Model agencies should be kept updated on the status of your child. Children grow up insanely fast, so be sure to keep the agency update of any physical changes your child goes through. Let them know if your child has lost a tooth, or just got braces.
  • Child models are required by law to have a parent with them when they're working. However, that doesn't mean parents should hold their child's hands all throughout a shoot or job. Maintain a safe distance away from the set during a modeling gig. Moreover, parents should only assist, but never give out any direction to a child during a shoot, unless requested by the director or photographer.

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