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Child Actor LA Tips and Tricks Found in Acting Books

For the last three years I have been reviewing books on acting lessons for a drama weekly. However, I haven't yet found a book on acting that compares to real acting experience. Now, I'm not saying that acting books are worthless because they have their place. These books contain an almost encyclopedic discussion of various acting methodologies and approaches. These books also can also provide useful contact information that might take a while to find on your own. Nevertheless, a book on acting cannot take the place of a good acting course.


Acting books can help you to take your first steps into the world of acting. After that, it is all up to you. You can study all of the books on acting that you want, and try out every acting technique known to man on your own, but they are worthless if you cannot use them to impress a director. Acting may require a lot of methodology, but the methodology is not the point. Acting is about figuring out what you want to do and finding ways to do it. Some professional actors know so many techniques that they write acting books on their own, but others know very little. Diving into the mind of the character to make him or her come alive is enough for them.


You should consider getting a few drama books instead of spending hard earned money that actors tend to have in such small quantities on acting books. Classic books of plays are an actor's best friend. After all, theater is one of the original art forms. You can strengthen your acting by delving more deeply into theatrical arts. Even movie actors can attest to the benefit of reading drama books. In fact, many of the best movie actors started out with Shakespearean acting courses. Only a select few actually spend their time reading acting books.


Now, don't get me wrong because I'm not trying to discourage you entirely. Go ahead and read acting books if you are inspired by reading them. Spending time with whatever inspires you to act is important and worthwhile. Just remember that the purpose of these acting books is inspiration and ideas. None of them will give you real acting experience, although they can be great sources. You will have to take acting courses, go to acting workshops or acting classes Orange County, and hustle for jobs like the rest of the acting world if you want to gain valuable acting experience.

Juggling Modeling With Education

Modeling can be an exciting and lucrative career choice. If successful you could travel the world, meet interesting people and earn great money. However nothing in the modeling world is guaranteed. It is competitive, often cut throat and no matter how good a model you are, your career has a shelf life and you will need something to fall back on.


A good education is vital and something all aspiring models should not neglect. Our experts at Child Actor LA can show you how to break into the world of freelance modeling whilst still ensuring that you get a good education. Many of our clients are still at school and manage to juggle a part time modeling career alongside their exams. You need a supportive family and a strong mind to be able to do this.


If you are at school, college or university and you want to try and break into the world of modeling, then the best thing to do is fit castings and auditions in during your free time. Don't miss exams and important lectures, as you will rely on your education if modeling doesn't work out for you. There are many ways to get into the modeling world, either through a good model agency, through contacts or through self-promotion.


Indeed the modeling industry itself has many careers within it that could be just as rewarding as being a model. A qualification in fashion, make-up/ styling, photography, journalism or business management can land you a great job in the modeling industry - probably with more longevity than modeling itself. Don't burn your bridges, leave all your options open. After all, your potential may reveal itself as you get older.


Your school or college should be supportive if you need to take time off to attend castings or photo shoots. However you should not expect to miss school or college during important exam periods. If you are putting yourself up for a casting and you know the job is during exam time or when you should be revising then don't go to the casting. If you know you will not be able to attend the job (if you get it) then don't waste the casting directors time, as they may not use you again. If you are studying then consider modeling as a part time job only - wait until you have finished your exams to delve deeper into the industry and discover what you could achieve.

Child Actor LA - Making Your Character Believable

We at Child Actor LA believe that to be believable an actor needs to truly study their character. There is a very simple method that an actor can use to do this. It is called the GOTE method. GOTE is a very easy to remember acronym. It stands for Goal, Obstacle, Tactics and Expectation. This is a very basic approach to breaking down a character. Now lets go over each of these objectives.


Goal is what the character is going after. It is the whole purpose for the play. The goal kicks off all of the action. The goal is to be persuaded by the character. Now the goal can't be general, it needs to be something very specific. For example a general goal would be "I want to feel fulfilled by marrying someone." A more specific goal would be "I want John to marry me." The goal needs to be very targeted. A good exercise is to imagine you are starving and there is a sandwich just out of your reach. Now try to reach for it. That is how you need to be when going after your goals.


The obstacle is what stands in the way of the goal. The obstacle needs to be in direct opposition to the goal. For example if the goal is "I want John to marry me" the obstacle may be "My parents hate John." The character needs to struggle with the obstacle to reach their goal. This is what makes a play interesting and not just 2 people having a conversation about the weather on stage.


Tactics are what a character uses to overcome the obstacles and reach the goal. This is were a play gets fun. The tactics make the character real. The tactics a character chooses shows the audience what type of person they are. The tactics can be funny, honorable, deceitful, etc. There can be multiple tactics used by an actor. A good actor will be able to move from tactic to tactic with ease in order to achieve the goal.


Expectation gives tone and excitement to the tactics. This is what stops the goals from being too academic and boring. It shows what is the characters excitement and enthusiasm behind their goal.


You can find what the character's GOTE is by just studying the play. An actor should take notes when reading a play. You can set up a GOTE sheet to have with you as you read. Just take a paper and write Goal, Obstacle, Tactics and Expectation. It is also helpful to write name, sex, age, marital status, education and make up a typical day in the life of the character (a day that does not take place during the play).


It really doesn't take that much extra work to setup a GOTE sheet. A character needs to come alive to the viewer. They need to draw the viewer into their world. An actor needs to do everything to create a character and world that is 100% believable. Studying a character's GOTE sheet can add the 3rd dimension to a character that is often missing in theater.

Film and Television Extra Work Beneficial To Aspiring Actors

Anyone who has ever worked as a background performer (generally referred to as "extras") on a film set or television show in Los Angeles has probably heard other extras talking about the stigma attached to people who do extra work on any kind of regular basis. The logic behind this stigma is based on the idea of directors associating extras as simply non-actors who fill the background of a given scene. There is a very common belief in Hollywood that if someone is recognized by a director as a person that was seen working as an extra, the director will only view that person as an extra, and will not take them seriously and hire them as a principal actor.


Talent Agents that represent actors in Los Angeles discourage actors from doing extra work, and often advise getting a flexible job such as waiter or sales person instead. There are four reasons that agents give talent this advice. One reason is because talent agents do not receive any commission from extra work. Second, extra work is not truly flexible. Once an extra is booked for work, they must commit to a full day - almost always including overtime exceeding 12 hour days, including nights and back-to-back days. This does not allow the availability to the agent for auditions, interviews, call-backs, etc. Third, the talent agent does not want their clients being pigeonholed as a professional extra by directors. And finally, the talent agent (and casting directors for that matter) would rather see actors taking workshops, scene study classes, and doing live theatre.


With all that said, there is still a valuable reason that aspiring actors do at least some extra work. Being on a film or television set can be a terrific way to become comfortable in that type of environment, as well as learn the ins-and-outs of how a production comes together on a real professional working set. Knowing what is expected of actors either in a sound stage or out on-location is of the utmost importance. A good deal of knowledge and comfort can be gained by working as an extra in different settings such as on a sitcom before a live audience, a soap opera, feature film night shoot on-location, or a television commercial that typically shoots 50-75 takes per angle.


This extra work can be done discreetly without being singled out by a director, or having your talent agent knowing about it. It should be done sparingly, preferably even before signing with an agent. Many extras try to get "camera time" by intentionally placing themselves in a visible part of the camera's frame. This practice can get you noticed by the director or your agent. It is best to lay low and simply observe what is going on and becoming confident in the environment, getting rid of any stage fright, etc.


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How to Choose a Winner out of Film Schools?

It seems like everyone today want to be an actor. While acting can certainly be a very rewarding profession, in both monetary and fulfilling terms, it's probably one of the most difficult areas of film to break in to. If film and television is your passion, there is a whole host of other jobs that will get you into this sometimes glamorous, always competitive industry. Whether you're interest lies in directing, producing, or even script-writing, choosing the right school is the most important decision you'll making.


The first step in getting into the film industry is determining what type of career you're interested in. Just about any job in the film industry pays very well, so you should be ready for plenty of competition.


You should also be aware that you'll need to start at the bottom, often as a production assistant (answering phones, getting coffee, etc) before any hopes of working in the field you were trained in. Also know that you'll need to move to where the work is. If you're planning on working in film this often means working on location for weeks, sometimes months at a time.


Choose the Film School that Meets your Criteria


If your passion is continuity, don't go to one of the film schools that focuses on directing. While it is typically important to get a feel for all areas of film production, you'll want to spend the most time focusing on your own career goals. Look for film schools that allow you to take specific classes in your film degree rather than a set course load.


With the popularity of film related jobs, there are film schools popping up all over the place. This means you'll need to do your research to ensure you're not paying thousands of dollars to get a degree or diploma that is considered a joke. Make sure the school has been around for quite a while and check their credentials. Many major universities also offer top notch film degrees which are well regarded in the industry.


Do read Child Actor LA scam prevention tips to avoid any unfortunate incidents that are prone to happen in this industry.

Child Actor LA Viewpoints of a Model's Success

Is your personal success as a model based on just having nice pictures of yourself to show others? Or is that success based solely on how much money you're making? Well, how about other people in your career and life? How they may view your success can affect you, too. Below are some suggestions by Child Actor LA of how to relate (or empathize) to some of the people that have different roles in your success.


1) The Modeling Agency's Viewpoint of your success as a model:

Think like an agent. Are clients going to book you? If you are signed with almost any agency, the bottom line will be how much money you are bringing into their business (or may potentially bring in). Remember this as your first and most important business lesson in your career as a model. Modeling agencies are your pipeline to how you are marketed(promoted) as a model, and they make their money (income) from "percentages" from 1.) the model's commission and 2.) from the client's fee.


The more money that you make as a model in their agency is another dollar in their pocket. So, there's more involved in the bottom line of how your agent looks at your "potential" as a model. Will clients hire you? They are looking at how much "income" potential you can bring to their business. They must run their business efficiently, and you must do the same in the planning of your career, too. The agency's role in your representation is that of a glorified "employment agency" that is a go-between for the client and model. The modeling agency works to provide resources to market all of their models, so it's in their best interest to keep the right variety of models that are in demand.


2) Your Parent's view of your success as a model:

Parents worry about all of the horror stories that they have heard about over the years. Whether their child is under or over the age of 18...parents are entitled to worry about their children. PERIOD. Some horror stories are really worse than others. Will their child be lured into drugs or pornography? What about nudity? How far will their child travel away from them and who will be responsible for them if they are in a dangerous situation? Will photographers take advantage of their child or manipulate their photos and use them on the Internet without their knowledge? How will their child's self-esteem hold up against the "industry sharks"? Will their child be required to grow up too fast in order to survive in this industry? What about their education? Why do we have to pay money for our child to pursue a career as a model? (That makes parents skeptical, too!) So many potential questions from a parent's perspective.


3) Your "significant other's" view of your success:

Oh, my! Every model that I spoke to had similar stories about this topic. A close partner's viewpoint (boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife) can really be like an emotional roller coaster on your mind if you're in a somewhat serious or longer-term relationship. It really can place a lot of strain on relationships and I've seen more than a few models just not ready to risk losing someone "that means so much to them" and NOT take the risk of losing them. They said good-bye to their modeling careers.


It's confusing to both people in a relationship to have unknown fears, so just accept that this can weigh strongly on your decisions that you make during the span of your modeling career. Many models choose to not be in relationships because of the lifestyle that can come along with being a model. It may be a double-standard for you to feel that you have the "Looks" of a model and your partner likes having a "model" as a partner, but only to find out that insecurities, jealousies, and rejections can ruin what you think is a "great" relationship or cut short a promising modeling career.


4) Friends' opinion of your success as a model:

This one is complicated, too. Let's start with the word "Jealousy". You want your friends to be happy for you, but you may start to notice that they are treating you differently. Why? You will probably be correct to assume that jealousy is getting the best of most of them, but just also do a double-take on yourself that you may be acting a little different than they are used to you being.


Modeling is entirely a different dimension of reality (versus typical jobs), and you may not necessarily be your "old self" during your career all the time. Depending on the division of models that you fall into, this may really be a good thing "professionally", but try to be aware of where you need to keep "model-mode" ON and when it can be toned down a few notches. People are friends with each other because they can mutually have something special to offer, but relationships can change if you stop "getting" or "giving" what this relationship needs. Some people are just naturally the center of attention, and if you are a model, that can work for you, but can throw off the balance of some other relationships depending on their personality.


5) The public's view of your success as a model:

There are a lot of models in print, on the runway, doing promotions, etc., but what are their names? Is that how the public view a model's success? Sometimes. The public really doesn't know the extent of who or why some models are more famous than others. They just "hear" or "read" who is the next hot thing (flavor of the month) by reading magazines or watching entertainment news shows. Public relations is an art of its own when models and celebrities are involved. You may have a successful status as a model in your hometown if the newspaper writes about your local, national, or international ventures as a model (even if you know you are still a "small fish" in the sea of the modeling industry, but still, it's a nice perk)!


Being a model places you out there for comments by some brutally opinionated people who either think that their entitled to verbally abuse you or question why you are even a model. Ignorance is not a constructive foundation for you to listen to or even respond to. If there is a shred of truth to the opinion that you are hearing, politely acknowledge and mentally file it away, and work on it next time. You can't impress everyone, nor should that be your goal. That's not permission to be rude, but rather respond professionally when considering the source of criticism. I'm going to include the people who hire you into this category because they tend to look for what the public want to see representing their product. Your personality does put the "icing on the cake" when perhaps they are juggling who they want to hire, so how you present yourself publicly to them does matter. Show confidence as often as you can even if you're faking it!

Teen Models and the Internet

Teen Modeling has always been a very popular Industry. To successfully target teen consumers, many companies are seeking Teen Models to represent their particular brand. In the retail industry, much has been made of teens attraction to the youthful image projected by retailers like Abercrombie & Fitch; therefore teens naturally gravitate to this retailer as one for someone my own age.


So what options are available to today's Teen's wishing to become a model? The opportunities for Teen Models today are endless. With the advent of Web 2.0 user-generated websites, many Teen Models are finding it much easier to get noticed and present their Online Model Portfolios. The advantage of Online Modeling Portfolios and user-generated Social Networking sites have been refined to market the Online Teen Model directly. Such sites are called Online Model Listing services.


We at Child Actor LA suggests while there are many Online Model Listing services available, it is important for prospective Teen Models to recognize distinct differences in them. Many Online Model Listing services offer free registration and a limited ability to upload an Online Portfolio. This allows the Teen Model to begin a modest online presence but often falls short in regards to a Fully Interactive Online Model Listing service.


The next Online Model Listing service offers a full, interactive online presence for the Teen Model, enabling the model to present a professional model portfolio with no space limitations. Fully Interactive Online Model Listing services also offer options totally unavailable to the typical free listing service. This includes the ability to communicate directly with prospective clients, agencies, photographers, and companies. Full service listing companies also offer the ability to apply for online jobs, upload completed image or video sets, and receive payments directly through the website.


With the increased convenience of the Internet, many Teen Models are choosing to model directly through a Fully Interactive Model Listing service. This is not only potentially very profitable, but a safe alternative to traveling.


Teen Models today have more choices and opportunities than ever before. If you are a Teen Model wishing to explore this exciting industry it is important to build a professional digital portfolio and select the Online Model Listing service that best suits your needs. Update your images often in order to always represent your latest look and interact as often as possible with your prospective clients. Online Teen Modeling is a lucrative and exciting field and will only increase in popularity. If you are wishing to become a Teen Model the time has never been better to begin.

Child Actor LA - Common Misconceptions About Modeling

The world of modeling is a rather mysterious one to those on the outside. Only those who are involved in it or who have done their research are really aware of what goes on in the modeling world and what the reality is like. It is an industry full of misconceptions and numerous agencies are hit hard by these falsities. So what is it really like? Here are our top misconceptions discussed by our experts at Child Actor LA.


1) They are lazy
Many people imagine models to be like emperors or empresses lounging on chaise longues whilst servants feed them grapes. In reality, modeling is very hard work. From following strict to diets, to travelling across the country with a few hours notice, models are far from lazy and those who work in modeling agencies are just as busy, searching out opportunities for their clients.


2) They are prima donnas
Actually, most are relatively down to earth. Photographers and directors are not likely to accept big egos. The majority of modeling is at a fairly low-level and there is huge competition, so the models that are polite and follow instructions well are likely to achieve the most success.


3) I have to be size zero
In order to star on the catwalks of Milan, this is true to a certain extent. But this kind of modeling only constitutes around 1% of all jobs. In everyday modeling jobs and amongst modeling agencies, those in charge are looking for a variety of different ages and sizes. Models are used to advertise everything from plus-size clothes through to baby clothes. This means that modeling agencies will look for a variety of different types of people.


4) I have to spend hundreds on professional photos
Most modeling agencies will want relatively natural photos of you before they consider you for their agency. This means that you do not need to spend loads on getting professional photographs taken and be very wary about agencies which ask you to do this through an official agency photographer as this could be a deceptive. A couple of nicely taken face shots is usually what modeling agencies require from you.


5) Agencies are deceptive
There are some agencies which are deceptive, but the majority of modeling agencies are legitimate businesses. If you are approached by a scout, then be sure to check the details of the agency they claim to represent and ensure that you do your research, However, modeling agencies are a valuable asset which pair applicants up with recruiters. This makes the process significantly easier and quicker and means that they can focus simply on being models.


6) They earn hundreds of thousands of pounds
This is the biggest misconception of them all. The majorities of models do not walk down catwalks and do not represent brands such as Louis Vuitton or Dolce and Gabbana. Those who represent these brands are the ones who will earn a lot of money. However, the majority of them will work part-time, often around another job, and will mainly do modeling for the thrill of it. A typical model that gets regular work will do well to earn over 10,000 a year. It is a decent amount of money for the work, but it is by no means enough to found a career on.

Qualities Modeling Agencies Seek in a Model

When a Modeling agency look out for models to represent in its client projects, it will have to look out for a number of qualities related to the task that need to be fulfilled by the model it is going to select. The choice of models and the physical qualifications for a particular project is variable according to the job they wish to accomplish. We at Child Actor LA are discussing some important points here.


For example, if a modeling company wants to opt for models to support ramp walks, they will have asset of requirements, next if they need a photo shoot model they will have a set of qualities they look in for. So qualities keeps changing as requirements keep changing and nothing is as permanent as it seems to be in modeling world. The important thing that a modeling agency seeks in a model is how adaptable is the model and how well is she wearing the skin of a particular costume and its mood. A model must obviously be camera-friendly and have a great body that can be showed with delight.


But if you ask anyone outside the field about how a model must look or What Qualities Do Modeling Agencies seek in a Model, they all might answer that a model must be pretty and very thin. But as far as the truth is concerned, a lot of filtering process goes through while a modeling company selects a model. The modeling agencies take a lot of pain and care in selecting different types of models to satisfy the group of clients and task they give them. In this article, you can find out a few important Qualities that Modeling Agencies seek in a Model, which you may even feel surprised to know.


One of the main qualities the modeling agencies check on the models they hire is the model's Ethnicity. The modeling agencies would prefer to choose the ethnicity totally depending on the client's product or given task. In fact the race of the model will actually be an extremely significant factor when a model is being chosen. A lot of companies out there would like to choose for models with a unique, ethnic look. Mainly, ethnicity of the model is decided acceding to the target audience that the agency's client wants to aim for.


The next important thing that plays a vital role in an agency choosing a model is the gender of the model. Just like how ethnicity plays an important role, gender also plays an important role in determining the need of the client. Again the gender they will want to choose will depend up on the target audience the client's are aiming at.


In the recent past, female models with zero size looks were ruling the roost, but now the time has changed and lot of plus size models and being taken into the task. Zero size models are like dream and they are not able to be close to the audience and hence pulse size models are chosen so that audience can relate themselves to the models.


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Advantages of Child Modeling by Child Actor LA

A crucial question that every single parent or guardian really needs to ask themselves when contemplating a modeling career for their child is, "Is child modeling worth it?" Though on the surface, being able to showcase your pride and joy's face on the cover of a national magazine seems very appealing, there are a number of hidden depths to child modeling that ought to be thoroughly thought about before taking the leap. It is crucial to explore the possible precious time, hard work and sacrifice that is necessary in order for your child to model.


The following are some of the advantages by our experts at Child Actor LA of modeling that can be looked into by parents and ascertain whether they should allow their kids to get into modeling business or not:


  • The kid is exposed to real life and gets to know the actual world very quickly. This helps him or her become sharper, mature and responsible at handling things pretty quickly in life.
  • The kid becomes a source of income for the family. The money earned by the kid is generally a bonus income for the family because no parents depend on their kids to run their family. But the money earned could be spent to buy some additional goodies or stuff for the home or could also be invested in the kid's future education.
  • As there is lot of exposure in modeling, the kid becomes smart and confident. The kid is no longer shy and becomes a very sociable person.
  • The kids become popular in school and earn lot of friends for themselves.
  • The kid gets to travel at times if it's an outdoor shooting. Travelling for modeling shoots helps them visit exotic and beautiful locales at no cost; in fact they are paid for that.
  • The kids get to meet lot of influential and famous people at a very young age. Something which we never got when we were kids such meetings can help you build acquaintances with lot of people and such contacts might come in handy in the future.

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